provides a range of options for effectively sorting and filtering issued invoices to suit your preferences and needs.

Sorting issued invoices:

In the "Issued invoices" section, you can easily sort all your documents based on your preferences by using the small arrows next to the column names.

You can sort documents by criteria such as:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice State
  • Receiver Information
  • Supplier Details
  • Issuance Date
  • Payment Due Date
  • Payment Receipt Status
  • Sending Status
  • Chargeable Event
  • Invoice Type
  • Invoice Amount

Sorting and filtering of issued invoices

Filtering issued invoices:

Utilize the search box to filter documents using specific keywords, such as the receiver, supplier, or invoice type.

Additionally, you can filter to display only paid documents by utilizing the movable button on the left side of the search box.

Enhance your invoice management with our sorting and filtering options for a more streamlined experience.

Sorting and filtering