offers the ability to track the status of each invoice, whether it's been paid or overdue. This feature is accessible to users with a PREMIUM subscription, and for newly registered users, it's automatically activated.

Here's how to activate the invoice status feature for users who have been using for a longer duration:

  1. Access your account settings by navigating to "My Account" on the platform.
  2. Within your account settings, locate the "Basic Information" section. In this section, you'll find an option to enable the "State of Invoices." Simply check the box to turn on this feature.
  3. After checking the box, a prompt will appear, allowing you to choose whether all issued invoices should be marked as paid automatically or if you prefer to mark them manually.
  4. Remember to save your desired setting by clicking on the "Save" button.

With this simple process, you can conveniently manage the status of your invoices on, helping you keep track of payments and due dates.