This feature is accessible to all users, whether on a trial period or with a PREMIUM subscription. You can download invoices for specific periods or the entire past year. When you've selected your preferred timeframe, you can also pick the file format – be it PDF, ISDOC, or XML.

Wondering how to get this done?

Simply go to the overview of issued invoices and mark the ones you want to download.

Then, click on "Batch actions" to reveal several options. You can opt to "Download all invoices in PDF" or select specific formats like "Download in PDF," "Download in ISDOC," or "Download in XML."

Bulk invoice downloads in the overview section

For additional choices related to downloading invoices for a specific period, navigate to the "Reports" section.

There, you can select your desired timeframe, such as "This month," and specify the preferred format for the downloaded invoices.