MyInvoiceOnline introduces a new feature that allows users to add discounts to individual invoice items. Discover how you can utilize this feature effortlessly.

MyInvoiceOnline is constantly enhancing its services, introducing new features that simplify administrative tasks for users. The latest innovation is the ability to add discounts to individual invoice items.

How to Add a Discount to an Invoice Item

Adding a discount to a specific invoice item is now simple and intuitive. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter the item and its price
    In the invoice creation interface, enter the item description and its price.
  2. Click the percentage icon (%)
    Next to the item price field, you'll find a percentage icon (%). Click on it to access the option to apply a discount.
Discount on Invoice Items

3. Enter the discount amount and type

Clicking the percentage icon will open a new window where you can enter the discount amount. You can choose whether the discount is expressed as a percentage (%) or a specific amount (e.g., £50).

4. Confirm the discount

After entering the discount amount and selecting its type, click the Apply Discount button. The discount will be automatically applied to the item and adjust the total price.

Discount on Items

5. Editing or removing the discount

If you need to edit the discount later, click on the pencil icon next to the discount and make the necessary changes. To remove the discount, click on the bin icon.

Discount on Invoice

Benefits of the New Feature

The ability to add discounts to individual invoice items offers several benefits:

  • Accuracy in calculations: Automated calculations ensure that prices and discounts are accurately computed and correctly applied to the invoice.
  • Flexibility: Users can easily adjust discounts for different items as needed, which is particularly useful for special offers or promotions.
  • Time savings: Quick and straightforward discount entry simplifies the invoice creation process, saving users time.