At, you have the flexibility to create various types of invoices, including the Reverse charge invoice.

Reverse charge invoice

This specific invoice is utilized when the supplier of a service or goods is not responsible for recognizing or remitting the tax; instead, the onus falls on the customer. Consequently, the VAT is remitted directly to the state by the customer, rather than being paid to the supplier.

It's essential to note that the reverse charge mechanism applies exclusively to transactions between VAT-registered individuals or businesses and does not concern end-users.

Here are the key details included in a reverse charge invoice:

  1. Basic invoicing information (such as ID numbers and the date of the taxable transaction) - for more information on invoicing data, please refer to our comprehensive guide on "How to Issue an Invoice with
  2. VAT values paid by the customer for the provided service or goods.
  3. The invoice must clearly indicate that the VAT is paid by the customer.

❗️ Please note that when you select the Reverse charge invoice invoice type, will automatically populate the necessary note, eliminating the need for additional manual input during the invoice creation process.

Template of reverse charge invoice