offers a user-friendly tool for saving and organizing receiver contacts, available to all subscribers.

This function is available to all users of subscription at

  • Accessing Contact Management: You can access the contact management feature in the upper menu under the "CONTACTS" section.

  • Adding New Contacts: When you issue an invoice to a new receiver, their information is automatically saved. In the Contacts section, you have the flexibility to manage, review, or add new contacts, even if you haven't issued an invoice to them. To add a new contact for whom you haven't issued an invoice, simply click on "Add contact," fill in the necessary details, and then save your changes.

  • Contact Sorting: You can sort your contacts by Contact name, IN (identification number), E-mail, Telephone, and the number of invoices issued using the arrows in the respective columns.

  • Search Function: Effortlessly locate a specific contact by utilizing the search feature.

  • Contact Actions: Icons on the right-hand side of each contact entry allow you to issue an invoice to the receiver, edit contact details, or delete the contact as needed.

Receiver Overview

By clicking on a specific contact, you'll be directed to an overview displaying all the invoices issued to that receiver.

With these robust contact management tools, you can efficiently organize and track your contacts, making the process of invoicing and communication more streamlined.