For businesses that require consolidating multiple invoices for banking purposes, client presentations, or potential partnerships, exporting invoices becomes a vital functionality. caters to this need by enabling the export of invoices in various formats, including PDF and XML.

Steps to Export Invoices:

To export invoices from, first, log in and navigate to the "Issued invoices" section. Here, you have the option to execute a bulk action for exporting all invoices or select specific invoices for export. Additionally, you can choose the desired export format.

Exporting in PDF Format: streamlines the process of exporting invoices in PDF format, a crucial tool for entrepreneurs and companies who need to archive and share invoices with clients or use them for accounting purposes. The PDF export feature ensures that all invoices maintain a uniform and professional layout, enhancing readability across different devices. The platform's user-friendly export process is quick and straightforward, enabling efficient invoice management. The exported PDFs can be conveniently emailed, archived for future reference, or printed as needed.

Exporting in XML Format:

For firms that prefer electronic sharing of invoices, XML format is a popular choice. Invoices in XML format utilize the XML language for efficient transmission and receipt. This universally accepted format facilitates seamless data exchange between diverse applications and systems, eliminating compatibility concerns. The XML format is highly valued for its ease in electronic transmission of invoice data.

You can simplify your accountant's work by granting them access to your account, enabling them to directly export the required documents on their own.