The second pricing plan available to users of MyInvoiceOnline is the MINI plan. This option is specifically tailored for the issuance of invoices and their immediate retrieval.

MINI Plan Features

The MINI plan offers access to two key features

  1. Invoicing
    Generating an invoice online within seconds proves highly efficient. The tool not only automatically assigns sequential numbers to invoices based on the chosen numbering series but also interfaces with various databases to expedite the automatic retrieval of invoicing data (when inputting the ID number).
  2. Invoice Retrieval and Email Dispatch
    Users have the option to download each generated invoice directly to their computer or send it via email upon issuance. The sender's email corresponds to the one registered on the user's profile, and the email content can be customized within the Email Templates section.

💡 Please note that the Issued Invoices section is exclusively accessible to Premium plan users. However, with the Mini plan, users can download invoices to their computer or send them via email immediately after issuance. Subsequently, this feature becomes unavailable.

Mini tariff invoice

Upgrading from the MINI Plan to the PREMIUM Plan

For those currently subscribed to the MINI plan, transitioning to the PREMIUM plan is available at a discounted rate, determined by the remaining duration of the MINI plan subscription. Further details regarding the switch from the Mini plan to the Premium plan can be found in this article.