The PREMIUM plan provides a diverse range of functionalities available for exploration during a complimentary trial phase.

Functionality of the PREMIUM plan

The PREMIUM plan extends beyond fundamental capabilities like generating and dispatching invoices via email, introducing additional utilities to streamline your invoicing process.

Archiving issued invoices

Under the PREMIUM plan, you retain the capability to manage issued invoices post-generation. In contrast to the MINI plan, where invoice retrieval is only viable immediately post-issuance, the PREMIUM plan archives invoices within the Issued Invoices section, facilitating manipulation at any juncture.

Issued invoices UK

Modifying issued invoices

Encountered an error within an issued invoice or necessitate an alteration? Fret not! With the PREMIUM plan, there's no imperative to recreate invoices; simply effect edits within the Issued Invoices segment.


Monitoring invoice status and configuring columns

Users of the PREMIUM plan can tailor invoice displays within the Issued Invoices segment based on diverse criteria such as issuance date, clientele, and taxable supply date. Additionally, you can annotate invoice statuses—be it paid, outstanding, or overdue. Moreover, you have the option to dispatch gratitude emails post-payment or reminders following invoice due date lapses, all customizable within the Email Templates section.

Invoices status

Duplication of invoices

If repetitive issuance of invoices bearing identical particulars is commonplace, the PREMIUM plan facilitates one-click invoice duplication.


Bulk operations

Invoices can be collectively downloaded, statuses designated, or deletions effected. Documents are retrievable in a myriad of formats including PDF or XLSX.

Collective actions

💡Considering a transition from the MINI plan to the PREMIUM plan to leverage its complete suite of functionalities? Elevate your plan at a preferential rate! Instructions for transitioning from the MINI to PREMIUM plan can be accessed within