is a versatile tool designed for efficient invoice management, making it a valuable alternative to conventional methods like Excel or complex accounting software. The platform operates entirely online, providing accessibility and convenience.

Exploring the platform is hassle-free with our TRIAL version, mirroring the capabilities of the PREMIUM subscription and lasts for 5 weeks.

Post the trial period, you can opt for one of our two annual tariffs: MINI and PREMIUM. supports various invoice types, encompassing:

  1. VAT Invoice: A formal tax document
  2. Invoice for Non-VAT Payers: A VAT invoice tailored for non-VAT payers
  3. Advance Invoice
  4. Proforma Invoice
  5. Corrective Tax Document
  6. Transferred Tax Invoice

The issued invoices are accessible for download in multiple formats, such as PDF, ISDOC, and XML. Depending on your chosen subscription, you can also carry out bulk edits and manipulations.

What sets apart is its integration with databases, enabling automatic data retrieval and population, streamlining the invoice creation process for users.