Creating invoices swiftly and efficiently is a breeze with With just a few simple steps, you can generate an invoice ready for emailing to your clients.

To issue a new invoice using a PREMIUM or MINI subscription, navigate to the "Issue an invoice" option on the main page.

Invoice creation on the website is facilitated by a user-friendly form, organized into four distinct sections:

1. Invoice Details

In this section, you can input essential invoice details, including:

  • Invoice Type
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Tracking Number
  • Issuance Date
  • Payment Due Date
  • Chargeable Event Date
  • Payment Method
  • Variable Symbol
  • Constant Symbol
  • Issuer Information

2. Basic Settings

Here, you can configure:

  • Currency
  • Rounding Preferences
  • Invoice Language
  • Logo and Stamp Placement
  • Invoice Design
  • Company Address Information

Note that for PREMIUM subscribers, after the first invoice is filled and copied, this section is conveniently concealed under a drop-down menu to streamline future entries.

3. Receiver and Supplier Details

In this section, all you need is the CIN (Company Identification Number). Once entered, other details such as the company's headquarters will be auto-filled.

4. Invoice Items

The final part of the invoice allows you to input individual invoice items, which can be tailored to the nature of the transaction (e.g., hours, quantities, etc.). The system automatically calculates the total amount based on the entered item prices, and you can modify the item count as needed.

Once your invoices are ready, you have the flexibility to send them via email or, depending on your subscription, download and make further edits.

Creating invoices with is a straightforward and efficient process that simplifies your invoicing needs, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your clients.